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Spiritual programme

Drogmi Buddhist Institute conduct regular practices and workshops in Sydney, and various retreats throughout the year in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, as well as Khenpo Ngawang Dhamchoe's teaching programme around Sydney and Australia.

Regular group practices

While individual practice is important, many of us find it beneficial to practise with a group of like-minded people, especially in a setting where our teacher can give guided meditations and explanations. Our practices include meditation sessions held on Sunday mornings in our simple, beautiful shrine room.

Workshops and courses

Study is another important aspect of Buddhism so we can learn what to adopt and what to abandon. It is helpful to have a teacher to guide us, and spiritual friends for mutual support.


Retreats are a time for reflection and contemplation of the Buddhadharma and are an essential aid towards training our mind and establishing strong spiritual foundations. We offer the opportunity to take personal individual retreats, or join our group retreats throughout the year.

Heart Sutra

The retreats that we conduct include an annual Shamatha retreat and retreats relating to specific meditation practices such as White Tara or Vajrayogini. Our retreats are usually a blend of teaching, immersion in traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice, and quiet time to absorb the learning of the day. As an example, the daily routine during the Shamatha retreat includes:

  • morning Green Tara practice
  • morning Shamatha practice and teaching
  • teaching on a particular text or topic, by Khenpo Ngawang Dhamchoe
  • discussion time for questions and answers
  • evening Vajrasattva practice

There is plenty of free time to enjoy the space and the community of other retreatants, or for your own personal practices. There is also a period of silence during the day, known as noble silence - a further opportunity to quiet the mind, giving all of our senses a rest and deepening our reflective experience without the distraction of chatter or conversation. Noble silence helps us learn to refrain from saying everything that springs to mind, to train ourselves to reduce harmful speech which can cause suffering to others and ourselves.

The benefit of retreat can be far reaching - but retreats can be challenging as well as rewarding, so there are opportunities throughout the days to talk to our teacher, ordained Sangha or senior students about any difficulties you encounter.

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